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Working Together

About Us

Committed to Excellence

AFC Consulting Group (AFC) offers practical solutions to complex business and organizational issues.  AFC provides strategic planning, training, professional development, consulting, program development, and coaching services.

AFC brings extensive knowledge and experience to the areas of leadership development, change/transition management, communications, organizational effectiveness, and diversity.  AFC has also led businesses and non-profits to greater levels of organizational effectiveness through strategic planning.  AFC has been instrumental in changing the lives of individuals by improving personal productivity and mobilizing teams toward a common vision.

All AFC initiatives are designed to deliver uncommon results by creating a common experience, language, and vision.  Individuals at all levels of the organization learn that their collaborative contribution is critical to achieving results and fulfilling the vision.  Therefore, each person is empowered to make an impact whether in an organization of thousands or just a few.

Our goal is to help every client increase their capacity through planning, training, and development so that new heights of excellence are achieved and new doors of opportunity are open. 

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